Give Him Praise!

We learned a new song about a month ago, and it’s got such beautiful and simple lyrics, I thought I ‘d share it at the beginning as a testimony to who we are, why we  are here, and what the King has called us to.

“All the nations, they will come holding broken chains above their heads; singing we have overcome by the blood of the Lamb.

Jesus – You’re worth it all, every nation, every tongue.”

At least 600 people Worshiping the Creator.

During one worship session I heard very clearly the Lord say to me “Yes, I am worth it all”.  Every challenge, every choice to press on and press in, every letting go, every taking in, every hello and good bye, every mountain, every valley, Jesus is worth it.  He is worth the laying down of my life, and my will, to be obedient to His call.  Because if nothing else He is worthy, and the humbling thing is, that He also gives us more than just the privilege of Knowing He is, but He calls us and sends us so others will know Him too.

So today we are praising and testifying of the Lords everlasting kindness to us.

Thank you God for:

  • In spite of the lack of finances you have provided for our needs.
  • The boys school fees have been gifted to us, taking us all the way to December.
  • Generous co-laborers here in Kona have blessed us financially, with laundry money and a donation to our family needs.
  • We have had the privilege of borrowing a car here and there to go to the store, church and for family time off campus.
  • We have been encouraged again and again, with words and deeds that this is exactly where God wants us to be.
  • God is allowing us to be used for His glory and purpose to build up and strengthen the University of the Nations Kona campus.
  • The boys have many new friends, as do Tia and I.
  • We are healthy.
  • We are full of peace and joy.
  • A plane ticket was provided for me to attend my sister’s wedding on Saturday
  • We have been re-united with our Island Breeze Ohana

I could go on and on! With all of these confirmations and encouragements comes the knowledge that we truly need your help! God is always providing and one of the best ways He does that is through people.  We need supporters, long- term, financial sponsors! Our most immediate need is to raise at least 1,300 per month for our housing fees.  Our actually need is almost double that, but housing is our immediate need.  Pray about it, seek His face, hear His call.  This is another opportunity for you to advance the Kingdom, and bless our family.

You’ve always been there God, and I am thankful that You will always be.  Thank You for calling us here, thank You for Your Great Love.

Jesus, You are worth it all.

Tia, Haley, Josua, Ilaitia, Niumaia, and Nacanieli