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3 in 1

C.R.O.W.N. Ministries (Christ Revealed on World Networks)

Tia is serving with CROWN Ministries, the information technology (IT) department here on the U of N campus and it has links to everything in regards to the University. As you may know already that all of us here at YWAM Kona we are all volunteer workers /missionaries trying to make a difference in society .  Tia is not only helping with the existing phone systems, wiring, lines, connections, etc., but also working with IT professionals in the areas of networking and programming.  They truly are the back bone of this campus in regards to efficient and timely communication (which we all know is so important for anything and everything).  The CROWN team services the entire campus (and other small YWAM bases)  in the areas of internet, phone, with a lot of the media, and also with an awesome tool called Genesis that links classrooms or conferences with live video feed (allowing leaders to share, teach, or direct without having to fly continually).  CROWN also runs Foundations in Technology (FIT, Tia will be participating in the networking part of this staff/school next quarter to further his knowledge and equip him even more for the task at hand) a school that teaches and trains individuals in the area of information technology from a Godly basis and then sends them out into the market place to bring change and excellence within the IT world of networking / Media technology . CROWN’s vision is to reach into the South Pacific and Asia, bringing these tools and technologies as a way to train individuals, to come alongside communities, helping them develop and grow in a sustainable way and bringing the Gospel as they go.

University of the Nations Preschool/Kindergarten and ICS

Both the U of N preschool and ICS are coming at education from a completely different perspective than any other school that I have encountered, Christian or secular (with the exception of some Christian home schooling).  Training and teaching from a stand point that God is the source of all knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and creativity, not to be separated out of but where we draw from to learn and grow in every sphere, in every subject, from reading and writing to math and science. These schools are focused on nurturing and growing the whole child biblically, in love, truth and power. Developing proper beliefs, leading to values, principles and ultimately Godly choices, behaviors and actions.  The best way to explain what God is doing in and through these schools, and why we know the boys are meant to be here in this season is best written by Bill Johnson in Dreaming with God:

“Our children must become educated, and become educators.  But that goal is not complete without the Kingdom mind-set. We are sending them into dangerous territory to get their training… The answer is not to withdraw from society and move into the mountains to preserve the family unit.  The answer is to train and invade.”

Right now we are blessed to watch God bring Joshua, Ilaitia Jr, and Niumaia into this season of training, pouring into them, molding them and laying a solid foundation for their lives.  He is training them with the purpose of sending them out to invade, bringing the light into dark places, to their peers, and beyond.  They are the next torch bearers and Maia’s time at the U of N kindergarten, Josh and Jr’s time at International Christian School are a key to unlocking God’s future for them.

As a family we are amazed at God’s plan, purpose and desires for us.  We are thankful that He has called us in this time to serve and to grow. We CAN’T continue this work without partner’s in ministry that desire and are committed to fulfilling this call with us.  Right now our financial need is LARGE.  We need people to give, our specific monthly amount is $2,500.00. We have one supporter who is able to give $50.00, can you?  Will YOU (don’t look over your shoulder, I am talking to YOU!) Partner with us? Take you place on our team, our fruit is YOUR FRUIT!  Support our family, contact us today as God directs  you in how to give.  (Leave comments on the blog, message us on facebook, email or call us! If you don’t have our info, get in touch through facebook and we’ll get it to you!)

Thankful for His love,

Tia, Haley, Joshua, Jr, Maia and Nacanieli


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Awesome family of 6, 5 guys and a mom! Called to serve Christ through missions, bringing the gospel to the nations, championing young people to reach their full potential in Christ.

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