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Monday, Monday

The start of another new week! I can’t believe it; feels like time is slipping through my fingers.  🙂

It was a great weekend, fast, but great.

The three biggers (Josh, Jr, and Maia) had a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa’s house with the new puppies, Bailey and Lulu. (Grandparents puppies, not ours!) They played games, ate good food, had baths in a bathtub (which is very important and they do it every time because we only have a shower!), and woke up extremely early for a whole day of play before 10.  This equals happy and exhausted Grandparents, and happy/grumpy boys returning home.  They literally tire themselves out having so much fun. Love, Love, Love Grandma and Grandpa xoxo

Sunday was a big day for me, I had a chance to share briefly with our church family at City Life Fellowship about our move to Hawaii and YWAM.  I was super excited and wanted to be eloquent and exact and powerful…. and I was a deer caught in the headlights. LOL! I sat down feeling a little silly, like I had rambled and made no sense, but apparently that wasn’t the case.  I had some nice feedback, and more importantly felt strongly to just let it go and Trust that the Lord had His way.  Which He always does! It’s not about me! Hooray!

Our next big event?   Josh’s 8th Birthday!!!!! (April 22)  We are so blessed by this wonderful boy.  He’s growing and changing so much.  He’s full of silliness, laughter, smiles, questions, kindness, vision, and something I can’t quite put my finger on… maybe it’s just a becoming, a small knowing of who he is in Jesus.  What a great thing 🙂 And I have to say, as much as he gets fed up being the oldest, he is really great with his brothers.  So, so, proud.  Can’t wait for the party 😀

We are looking forward to this Wednesday night and our first prayer meeting, to which you are enthusiastically invited! Please come! 7:30 to 9 for prayer and fellowship, focusing on the move and this journey 🙂 

Ephesians 2:10  For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Praying blessings over your week and all that God has prepared for you to do!

Lolomas, Tia, Haley and THE BOYS (ha!ha!ha!)




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Awesome family of 6, 5 guys and a mom! Called to serve Christ through missions, bringing the gospel to the nations, championing young people to reach their full potential in Christ.

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